Membership Fees and Becoming a Member

How to Become a Member of JAIBS

Before applying to be a member of the JAIBS, please be sure to carefully read our organization’s Constitution (Nihon Indogaku Bukkyō Gakkai Kaisoku 日本印度学仏教学会会則, on the “About Us” page), and the section of our bylaws “Regarding the rules of making presentations” (Happyō Kisoku ni tsuite 発表規則について; presentations are limited to Regular Members only, as printed on the application form) before submitting your application to the Head Office of the JAIBS.

Application form:

  • For Regular Members (Futsū Kaiin 普通会員): (Word) / (PDF) English Version: (Word) / (PDF)
  • For Adjunct Members (Jun Kaiin 準会員): (Word) / (PDF)
  • For Adjunct Member Organizations (Jun Kaiin Dantai 準会員団体): (Word) / (PDF)

Head Office of the Japanese Association of Indian and Buddhist Studies

Mailing address:
113-0033 Japan
Tokyo, Bunkyō-ku, Hongō 3-33-5
Hongō Building, 2nd Floor

Tel./Fax.: 03-5684-8612  E-mail: 

Office hours: Mon., Wed., Thu., Fri. 10:00 a.m.–12:00 noon / 1:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.

Account Number for Remittances (furikae kōza 振替口座): Japan Post Bank (Yūcho Ginkō ゆうちょ銀行) 00180-2-15512


Membership Fees

Yearly Membership Fees

Our yearly membership fee structure is as listed below:

  • Regular Members: JPY 6,500
  • Adjunct Members (Both Individual and group members): JPY 6,500

For details regarding membership fees, please refer to the “Bylaws regarding Membership Fees” (Kaihi ni kansuru Naiki 会費に関する内規) section of the bylaws document.


Payment of Membership Fees

A notice regarding payment of membership fees will be sent to all members once a year. Payments may be made at any time. Please use the bank account information listed below to make a payment by remittance (i.e., kōza furikomi 口座振り込み).

Please be aware that members who have not paid membership fees for three years will be discharged from the organization. (In order to be re-admitted, the outstanding balance must be paid in addition to any other membership fees.) For details on how to leave the organization please refer to the “Bylaws regarding Withdrawal from the Organization” (Taikai ni tsuite no Naiki 退会についての内規) section of the bylaws document.


For Regular Members and Adjunct Members (Both Individuals and Organizations) in Japan

Please pay membership fees via remittance with the following information:
Account Type: Postal Remittance Account (yūbin furikae kōza 郵便振替口座)
Account Name (kanyūsha mei 加入者名): Nihon Indogaku Bukkyo Gakkai 日本印度学仏教学会
Account Number (kōza bangō 口座番号): 00180-2-15512

In the memo column (tsūshin ran 通信欄) of the remittance form, please include the year for which you are making a payment (e.g., “Membership Fees for 2014”). Please also include here any changes to your address or academic affiliation, etc.


For Regular Members and Adjunct Members (Both Individuals and Organizations) Overseas

It is possible to make membership payments with a credit card. Please fill out the necessary information in the PDF linked to below and return it to the JAIBS Main Office via fax, e-mail attachment, or post.

>> Form for Payment by Credit Card